Friday, December 16, 2011

Huzzah Malifaux Winter League and Going Forward

Played for the past 6 weeks or so in a Malifaux Achievement League over at Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn. Pretty cool deal run by Bill. You get points for doing cool things, like killing a master with a totem or mundane things like winning a game (though if you are me, it is losing a game). In the end, I was able to win King of the Guild. I racked up a total of 90 or so points. I think I won mostly by default as there wasn't another Guild player in the league that played regularly. The Over Achiever was Mike who ended up with something like 150 points. Some of that comes down to him winning more games and some of it comes down to him getting a few achievements that were hard to get, oh, also, he is really good. Probably not much to do with the last one.

So, that was a long way around to getting to my next point. I am biting the bullet. I am trying out Hoffman and I am going to learn him. I have played 2 or 3 games with him so far and he is a tough one. That being said, I can see the potential because I can tell I am not being efficient enough and as a result, I am not being as effective enough. I finally got a chance to play with a PeaceKeeper and that changed things for me. He has good movement tricks, but needs constructs around him to really be effective. Taking him harkens back to my WarMachine days. I feel like I am taking a caster and decking him out with 'jacks.

This should be a fun adventure. I will let you know how it goes!

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