Sunday, November 27, 2011

One down!*

Well, kinda. I played Bill over at Dead Tau Project / Gamers Lounge in a skill-less match as he is one of the three I have to play to change my nickname, or at least make it my own. This being the second time I have played Bill and the first time in the league, it was a lot of fun. He brought Kaeris, I layed down Sonnia.

Bill's List was (something like):
Arcanists Crew - 30 - Scrap
Kaeris -- 5 Pool
3x Fire Gamin [4ss]
Gunsmith [6ss]
2x Soulstone Miner [6ss]

I brought out (something like):
Sonnia Criid -- 7 Pool
Purifying Flame [2ss]
2x Guild Austringer [5ss]
Samael Hopkins [8ss]
3x Witchling Stalker [4ss]

I know the stones don't match and I may have been cheating because I counted wrong or something. I swear that is what I remember. There could have been something more in Bill's List and it could have been something less in my list.

Long story short, Bill and I wandered up and engaged. Fighting over a shared Claim Jump. Sonnia did her best to stave off the Fire Gamin but they came in too strong. Having so many things in the game do damage on death was very interesting. Bill played it well by making sure the engagement occurred at Sonnia's feet and not Kaeris'. I was able to take out Bill's Gunsmith from range before it did much damage. From there it was an orgy of destruction, the Gamin and Stalkers wiped each other out. The last few turns ended up being Kaeris, and a Fire Gamin v. 2 Austringers. After much jockeying, I was able to take out Kaeris and use their Quick Retreat push to disengage from the Fire Gamin over and over again and take him out from range. Bill was able to stop both of my schemes but I was able to take over Claim Jump. I think I ended up winning 4-2.

So that being said, I should be down one person on the trip our of Skill-less-dom. However, there was lots of help from the Awesome Generation Peanut Gallery (Mike and Dan) and there appears to be some shenanigans with the points. So, I asked Bill if we could have a re-match, this time without help from the peanut gallery. So while I beat Bill, it doesn't count.

But that's okay. I will beat him next time, because I am better than him :)

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  1. Hey, sorry for the peanut gallery comments - I'll do my best to keep quiet next time around. :)

    Still, good job on the game. Points do look a little wonky. You get any confirmation from Bill on what he took?