Sunday, November 27, 2011

One down!*

Well, kinda. I played Bill over at Dead Tau Project / Gamers Lounge in a skill-less match as he is one of the three I have to play to change my nickname, or at least make it my own. This being the second time I have played Bill and the first time in the league, it was a lot of fun. He brought Kaeris, I layed down Sonnia.

Bill's List was (something like):
Arcanists Crew - 30 - Scrap
Kaeris -- 5 Pool
3x Fire Gamin [4ss]
Gunsmith [6ss]
2x Soulstone Miner [6ss]

I brought out (something like):
Sonnia Criid -- 7 Pool
Purifying Flame [2ss]
2x Guild Austringer [5ss]
Samael Hopkins [8ss]
3x Witchling Stalker [4ss]

I know the stones don't match and I may have been cheating because I counted wrong or something. I swear that is what I remember. There could have been something more in Bill's List and it could have been something less in my list.

Long story short, Bill and I wandered up and engaged. Fighting over a shared Claim Jump. Sonnia did her best to stave off the Fire Gamin but they came in too strong. Having so many things in the game do damage on death was very interesting. Bill played it well by making sure the engagement occurred at Sonnia's feet and not Kaeris'. I was able to take out Bill's Gunsmith from range before it did much damage. From there it was an orgy of destruction, the Gamin and Stalkers wiped each other out. The last few turns ended up being Kaeris, and a Fire Gamin v. 2 Austringers. After much jockeying, I was able to take out Kaeris and use their Quick Retreat push to disengage from the Fire Gamin over and over again and take him out from range. Bill was able to stop both of my schemes but I was able to take over Claim Jump. I think I ended up winning 4-2.

So that being said, I should be down one person on the trip our of Skill-less-dom. However, there was lots of help from the Awesome Generation Peanut Gallery (Mike and Dan) and there appears to be some shenanigans with the points. So, I asked Bill if we could have a re-match, this time without help from the peanut gallery. So while I beat Bill, it doesn't count.

But that's okay. I will beat him next time, because I am better than him :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Creating little nerds

Being the proud father of 3 children, 2 of which are old enough to walk and talk can give you some awesome moments. The highlights thus far have been when my oldest, Ben, was asked by his Uncle Dan what letter he made out of bristle blocks. Ben responds without missing a beat, "TIE Fighter." This is at age 3 or so. Sean his younger brother was asked who was on his shirt and he responds, "Darth Vader, koooosh kshiiiiisk, kooosh, kshiiiiiisk"


Well, raising little nerds continued this past weekend. The boys have been watching me paint Malifaux models over the last month or so and have been interesting in what is going on. Ben decided he wanted to paint up some models as well. Figuring this is a typical, "I'm bored" response, I put him off until the next day when he would forget about it and move on to other things. Turns out, he didn't. Next morning (Saturday) he comes up to me after waking up and says, "Daddy, are you going to find models for me to paint now?"

With that kind of commitment, who am I to say no? So I dig through a closet upstairs that contains a bunch of stuff that we have never really unpacked and the wife has relegated to the long lost extra closet and I find some old Space Marines. Mark 6 armor. All plastic. From like 15 years ago. Nice set of models where you could get like 600 marines for $30 or something. Now, Sean not wanting to be left behind is also interested in this activity so I have two painters to satisfy.

When you get down to it, his new interest in painting models is actually a win win for me! I get to paint my models, they get to paint their models and mommy can't complain because I am ignoring my family to paint. Score!

I set them up on the dinning room table. I move from the desk to the table and we go at it. I give them some of my older, lower quality brushes (better than the plastic ones they had) and they use some paints from previous arts and crafts projects to go at it. My wife was kind enough to point out that my model paints at $3-$3.50 a pot were probably a little expensive to waste on the various things the kids were going to put them on besides the models.

As you can see, good call by the wife. There is paint all over Sean's face, arm and everything else. Ben is a little neater, but not by much.

After about 15-20 minutes, Sean (age 3) got bored and went off to do something else. His first model is below:

Kind of a jungle themed marine, who looks like he got caught in a paintball fight.

After about 30 minutes Ben (age 5) got bored too. His first model below:

Don't know how to characterize this one, but he had an awesome time (also I think this guy is in Mark 7 armor).

All in all, it was a great experience. Ben and Sean have painted about a squads worth of marines by this point. None of which look anywhere near close to the same color / theme. Now I just have to find some cheap models for them to continue painting so they don't get bored and quit on me! Daddy needs his painting time too!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It Starts...

Why skill-less you might ask?

It comes down to a mistake. A horrible mistake. I tried to give myself my own nickname. The gory details are recounted in digital clarify over in Episode 41 of the Gamers Lounge. Long story short, I was told I needed a nickname. One of the fellow (guest?) hosts, Mike, piped in rather quickly with "Skill-less Brian." Well after much fighting on my part not a single person there came to my defense, and before I knew it...that name stuck.

I have been given the opportunity to earn a new nickname, but first I have to beat all the guys that were present at the podcast. This list includes Mike, eChris and Bill.

I have played Mike and eChris so far and have lost to both. The game versus eChris came down to a card flip, literally. The game against Mike went a little different and I made a lot of mistakes...he's also really good. All told I am in for a rough road. Hopefully you enjoy the trials and tribulations of the journey. It should be a good time.